where to stay in rome for 3 days

See the section later on in the post on how to do this. Click here to find out more. You can get these from ATM’s, banks and currency exchanges, although credit cards are of course widely accepted. We also have a detailed guide to visiting the Colosseum you might want to check out. Usually your hotel or apartment will have left luggage facilities, however, if this isn’t the case (often the case with apartment rentals for example), you will definitely want somewhere to leave your luggage for the day while you sightsee. As an example of what is available, beyond the above mentioned hotels, here’s a well rated hostel, and a fantastically located apartment. We drank lots of macchiatos and. You’ll also be able to marvel at the building techniques that have allowed it to survive for two millennia. We also suggest checking out Nannybag, a service which has storage points across Rome (and other cities around the world). If you listen to one tip of ours, let it be this one! This website contains affiliate links to products and services that generate a small income to us if you choose to use them, at no cost to you. PS: If it is your first time staying at an Airbnb, click this link to get $40 off your first stay! We’ve taken a number of tours in Rome, and can definitely recommend these if you’re looking for a guided experience. Because of the great convenienceand ambiance, this is usually an expensive (but lovely) area to stay. There’s no transport included on this pass, or discounts on other attractions. Rome certainly has no shortage of places to stay. Can we go in St. Peter’s earlier than our scheduled 1500 (w/ Audioguide) just in case we are already done at the Museum/Sistine Chapel/lunch/pictures outside? for both cards start & end at the same time? Between this post and these resources, you should be able to put together the perfect trip to Rome! We are travelling with two kids. Doors to the Vatican Museum open at 9am, so we recommend you arrange your entry for as close to then as you can manage. As you can see, there’s a list of six attractions, of which you can choose two that you get free entry to with the card. This offers superb views across the city, as well as the chance to see the Basilica from above. We used Euros WAY more than we thought we would. When I booked for the Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel using my Omnia card, I picked the 0900 slot. Following the itinerary, this post is then full of tips and advice for visiting Rome that will help you get the most out of your stay, as well as save money on attraction entry, transport and accommodation. The tours I link to should all include your entry to the Colosseum If you let me know which tour specifically you are looking at I can double check, but as far as I know entry is included with all the tours! If there are no timeslots available, your best option for visiting the Colosseum is to take a guided tour like this, or like this, as guided tours have a separate ticket allocation system. If you are visiting Europe on a longer trip, this guide to 3 days in Rome fits in perfectly with our 2 week Europe itinerary, which you might also want to check out for some ideas and advice on travelling in Europe. The reason I mention this is because the Borghese Gallery has timed entry and reservation is mandatory. Please check your e-mail to activate your subscription. Sometimes restaurants/coffee shops/gelato spots weren’t open when Google said they would be (and we never knew why). Hello! If there are no time slots available, you won’t be able to visit, whatever pass you have. Read more about us here. living on the road in our self-converted sprinter van! I already got my omnia card & roma pass 72 hrs. Fairly comprehensive 3 day. Basically, it’s always pretty busy. Those Romans really liked to build stuff on a big scale. A one way ticket, known as a “B.I.T” costs €1.50 and is valid for 100 minutes from when you activate it. Find out more and book here. Are you planning a trip to Rome? Here’s a map of the above itinerary showing all the attractions across the three days you’ll be in Rome. We're full time professional travel bloggers, and we visit all the places we write about personally. If you have flexibility on when you can travel and want to visit when it’s cheaper and less busy, we’d suggest visiting in the spring or fall. See more here. It’s also included if you take a guided tour like this one with Take Walks. Since 2016 we've helped over 2,000 people improve their photography - you could be next! Internet: Internet access is widely available in the form of WiFi all around the city and in hotels and coffee shops, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting online. Hello I have been reading. Wake up early to beat the crowds. Today it is open to the public, and you can climb right to the top, for gorgeous views of the city. We could spend months there and still not eat at all of the best restaurants or see all of the sights. You'll also receive our once a month e-mail packed with travel news, travel and photography tips, and updates. Our second day in Rome starts with another Rome highlight – the Colosseum, also referred to as the Coliseum. Getting Around in Rome. Many of the attractions in Rome won’t let you take bags in with you, and even those that do will require you to do additional screening. Caravaggio, Bernini…….. Having read all the above, I hope everything is clear. We also took the “VIP Caesar’s Palace tour with the Colosseum & Roman Forum” tour, which covered the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, as well as the 1st century BC home of Emperor Augustus, previously off limits to the public. Currently: TX I am trying to follow your itineraries although I have to make some adjustments as we cannot spend three successive days in Rome; there is a day where we will be doing a day trip from Rome and it has to be in between, but we still have 3 days to explore Rome. The train station in Rome is huge and you can get to and from many other Italian cities by train–we took the train to Florence from Rome and it was super easy! So if you prefer to pick and choose, the Rome Tourist Card is a good option. We spent our third and final day touring the Amalfi Coast. There are a variety of attractions to see along the Appian Way, beyond the road itself, and the key sights are to be found along the first ten miles of the road, in the Parco dell’Appia Antica. Written by Laurence Norah - 211 Comments. You can reach this via public transport from the city. The Piazza is a fun place to be, and often features street performers and markets, depending on the time of day and week that you visit. Find out more and book here. It’s a country of its own, inside Rome, and is home to world-famous sites including the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica. See more on travel adapters and how to choose one for your trip in our guide to the best travel adapters. The former are slightly larger and were the burial place of 16 popes, numerous Christians and a number of martyrs. So you will want to check back regularly to see when your dates become available , Just to let you know if you haven’t done yet, reservation for Colosseum with Roma Pass is now open up to June 2020. Wow, this has been a busy first day in Rome! On that page, there is a section titled “Roma Pass”, with a link at the end of the section which lets you book the entrance time. Fun fact: Otaleg is “gelato” spelled backwards! So eating a main meal at lunch time can definitely save you some money. Explore the best things to do in Rome in 3 days based on recommendations from local experts. Rome in 3 Days - the rest of the story. Because of the great convenienceand ambiance, this is usually an expensive (but lovely) area to stay. These last are a stairway of 28 steps, found in a building just across the road from the Basilica itself, which are said to be the same steps that Jesus walked up on his way to trial in Jerusalem. We spent 3 days in Rome, Italy, and loved our experience at Vatican Style Suite. Whilst you’re at the cemetery, which is a beautifully peaceful spot, do take the time to visit the grave of the English poet Keats, one whose “name is writ in water”, who died in Rome at the young age of 25, far before his recognition as one of the greatest English poets of all time. Finally, if you want to learn a bit about the Colosseum before you visit Rome, you can take a “tour from home” with Take Walks. Hope you don’t mind my asking more questions. If for some reason it is in Italian, the option is “COL-FOR-PAL PREN.INGRESSO CON ROMA PASS ”. The Baths of Caracalla are no different. It is impossible to fit everything that Rome has to offer in 3 days. There are two main attraction passes for Rome that we usually recommend – the Omnia Rome and Vatican Card and the Roma Pass. THANK YOU! This can be an issue with warm weather clothing choices, particularly in summer, so we advise that if you choose to wear tank tops or shorts to keep items to cover your shoulders and knees with you like shawls, scarfs, long skirts, or pants that convert into shorts. Shirley. Take Walks also run a series of tours of Rome you can take before you leave for Rome, which can be a good way to familiarise yourself with the city or a particular landmark before you visit. And of course, grand reception halls where the Pope’s would receive world dignitaries! We also have a detailed guide to visiting the Colosseum, which we recommend reading to help you make the most of your visit and not waste time in lines, as well as to understand the rules around passes, time slots and so on! Metro entry barriers will automatically timestamp your ticket as you insert them at the barrier. After breakfast and cappuccino in any of the local cafes we start our day with: In the first out of our 3 days in Rome, the aim will be to get comfortable with this pastel-colored city and feel what Rome is all about. Where to Stay in Rome Budget. It’s not huge, spread across two floors and twenty rooms, but the high quality of work on display means that everything you see is basically a masterpiece. Hi Laurence, We only recommend products we truly love, actually use during our adventures, and think you can benefit from too! With 3 days in Rome you can add on another visit inside of a famous place and have enough time to sit and enjoy some delicious Italian food. The easiest way to get to these is to take the fast train service. You can access these by walking in a south easterly direction through the Villa Borghese Gardens and down Viale della Trinita dei Monti. It’s also guaranteed not to be too crowded, as they only allow 360 people in at a time. Tickets are cheapest when booked well in advance, plus booking in advance will usually guarantee a seat reservation. Rome's public transportation system, ATAC, has increasingly erratic bus service. The Private Apartment Colosseum is a great place to stay for 2 or 3 days in Rome. Thank you for creating this wonderful guide, you’ve made planning this trip so much more exciting! From the second we arrived in Rome, we fell in love with the beautiful buildings, rich history, great coffee, amazing food, and delicious gelato. You can also pick up local SIM cards if you have an unlocked phone. It might be less busy in the later afternoon, but I’m not sure it’s worth waiting until then based on your schedule. ✨ Back in August we visited Sout. Roma Pass and Rome and Vatican Pass holders have entry to the Colosseum included, but you still have to make a reservation, which you can do either by calling the reservation line, or (more easily) by booking online. At the time, it was the widest and longest road in the world, and in testament to the quality of it’s construction, much of what you can see today is still original stonework. Plum Guide carefully curate their listings so their options tend to be of a very high quality whilst still being available at a range of price points. You are correct, the dates are released in phases rather than for the whole year. Currency: Rome is a part of the Eurozone, meaning the currency is the Euro. You can read about our experience visiting the Vatican, Coliseum and Roman Forum with Walks of Italy in Rome, If you’re planning on visiting Rome in summer, read our, Obviously you’ll want to eat Gelato in Rome! It’s my pleasure. In Italy, they do not drink lattes (especially flavored ones) or many of the other coffee drinks we are used to in the US. Getting from each location to the next should be either a short walk, or a single bus or metro ride away. Centro Storico. Thank you. Read about our experience touring the Borghese Gallery with Walks of Italy here. No metrostops; several taxi stands, such as the one on the side of the Pantheon. Instead, read our guide to visiting the Colosseum for other options you have. Thanks very much! When you buy your card, you will be given the opportunity to book your time for the Vatican. Don’t feel you need to rush though – the Vatican City is definitely going to be a highlight of the day, and you are welcome to spend a few hours exploring at your leisure. The Papal Archbasilica of St. John in the Lateran is the cathedral church of Rome and the seat of the Pope in the city, and as such, is one of the most important churches in the city. This vast bathing complex could accommodate up to 1600 bathers at one time, in a complex that covered over 62 acres. living on the road in our. Based on the three day itinerary above, we recommend you use the pass for free entry to the National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo, and then for the combined entry ticket to the Colosseum and Roman Forum. I’m often asked in the comments on this post, and our other Rome content, where to go after Rome, and the best way to get there. As with many cities around the world, Rome has a number of passes that help you get free and discounted admission, as well as skip the line privileges at key attractions – including many of the above. We got around the city with a combination of: walking, busses, and the metro. Once you have seen the Colosseum and Roman Forum you can see the highlights of central Rome on your first day. You can of course book tickets individually for some of these attractions which include skip the line access. If there is no availability, then you will not get access to the Colosseum even with the pass. Trastevere – Best neighbourhood to stay in Rome for tourists and nightlife The main piazza in Trastevere neighborhood Famous for its nightlife, Trastevere is a bustling neighbourhood at any time of the day. This also makes you eligible to enter our monthly giveaways! However, it doesn’t include entry or skip the line access to any of the Vatican attractions, including the Vatican Museum or St. Peters Basilica, nor does it include the Rome Hop on Hop off bus. So this is a great question. Well, that was a lot of content to help you plan your trip to Rome! Alternatively, you can either buy a travelcard yourself, or just buy tickets as you go. We recommend checking out, Spend the rest of the day casually strolling around, If you want something different than Italian food (which is totally okay, we did it! So really it’s going to come down to where you are visiting from, and when they open more widely to the world! Some places do charge a small service fee or charge a little more for table service though. However it is certainly possible to do everything in this guide with 3 days in Rome. ! Travel tales, photography and a dash of humor, Last updated: December 28, 2020. The Vatican Museum gets very busy, and the first hour or so in the morning is the quietest time to visit. The Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel are included in the Passes with the advantage of Skip-the-Line. However, the crowds will be very light, so it may be worth it! First, the Rome Tourist Card. We recommend finishing your adventure off with a visit to the Piazza Navona. Rome, similar to Florence, has mild winters and warm summers. With the Omnia Pass yes, you do have to pick it up. These are ordered approximately by price, from low to high, but do always check prices for your dates as they can vary. We visited Rome from Positano and took a combination of a bus + two trains to get there. Thank you , Thanks very much Nicola! As of 2019, all visitors to the Colosseum have to reserve a timeslot for visiting the Colosseum. So what’s special about the Forum? One area that would be fun to stay in and feel more like a local is Trastevere. And that’s why we think it’s worth investing in. Certainly 3 days in Rome is not enough to see absolutely everything that the city has to offer, but it’s definitely enough to see all the highlights if you manage your time effectively. La Cornice Guesthouse — We loved this little guesthouse! Entry to the Colosseum is included without you having to book a timeslot – you pick the time when you buy the pass. For us, the true value of  the Omnia Vatican and Rome Card isn’t the cost saving – even though it does offer that. If you must visit in August, we highly recommend you pick up the Omnia Vatican and Rome Card so you don’t have to queue for attractions in the unshaded heat. Don’t worry though, we explain everything in this post to help you save time and make the most of your budget, whatever that may be. Please scroll to the end to leave a comment. Both options cost €2 if you hold a Rome and Vatican Pass or Roma Pass. You’ll get to all the attractions you’re really going to want to see without spending time standing in line. We booked most of our city to city train tickets in advance because we think the prices are a bit cheaper. Once you’re done with the Vatican, you can head on to our next stop. This isn’t the case for the other attractions where the timeslot is important, but St. Peter’s seems to be different. history of the Popes and Rome political power. Thank you for such an informative guide – making the museum and event reservations in advance were key to using our time wisely and having a perfect experience.

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