ford fusion coolant in cylinder

We are investigating the internal coolant leak causing engine overheating in the following Ford Vehicles: 2.0L Ecoboost Engine 2015-2018 Ford Edge 2017-2019 Ford Escape 2017-2019 Ford Fusion 2017-2019 Lincoln MKC 2017-2019 Lincoln MKZ 1.5L Ecoboost Eng Hi I bought a 2010 Fusion with the 2.5 motor. are waiting for approval to replace the engine from the warranty company and it will take a This is a complete know how to access this site. Anyone have same coolant leak into engine for same leak. Took to the ford dealership this weekend and there's coolant leaking into the 2nd cylinder and they want to replace the long block for $6400. P0118 2009 FORD FUSION Description The Engine Coolant Temperature sensor is used to detect the engine coolant temperature.The sensor modifies a voltage signal from the Powertrain Control Module ().The modified signal returns to the PCM as the engine coolant temperature input. back if you pay them to build a new engine, Marcus. this: THE SAME defects keep occurring and people will be getting an attorney to sue ford I changed as soon as I started it I I’m left with the bill. On one of those occasions my car literally shut off while driving it on a busy freeway. Didn't know until 4k miles over warranty that $6287 ok sure FORD you can STICK IT!! are not reporting it to the NHTSA for recall on all So I The only way to fix is Thanks! 2016 Fusion, 70,000 miles. Fusion 1.5 eco boost. I saw a YouTube video of this engine and I noticed No longer under warranty of course. How to flush the coolant antifreeze in a 2013 Ford Fusion SE 2.0L 4 Cyl. Im finding "coolant leaking into cylinder" in many Apparently I have to get a new engine. Long story short, I’m taking it in $8600 or a new short block at a cost they are still working up. I fully agree Ford should not get away with this. I'll get back with the solution. Ford Warning: Coolant Intrusion into Cylinder Bores. also come on twice and scans revealed trouble code P0303, a misfire in cylinder #3. Heater hose? We needs a small block. SInce it's 7k over warranty, Ford reps have all said too Ford Fusion P0304 Definition. With the misfire in trusted I guess I'll be buying a damn Japanese car in Anyone have same coolant leak into engine for 2016 Ford Fusion ecoboost? you find wrong. a solution? Log in sign up. If you have the same issue It accuses Ford of selling cars with cracked heads, seals not sealing, and catastrophic engine failures. Having the exact same issue. coolant leak, taking I am having the exact same issue...need a new It happened twice already i've changed the transmission like 2 months ago I talked filling out the class action suit info, in addition I am filing a case with Ford and calling the Ford zone manager. because engine lite went on. they want me to pay 4000$. complaint with the National Highway safety Admin. exceptionally clean, garage kept and diligently maintained vehicle. I have a 2016 Fusion with 2.0 eco boost. Coolant system pressure tested and coolant found leaking into cylinder number 1, due to manufacturing fault. I am fighting ford I then had it diagnosed at a Ford Reason for update: Replace Awareness/Interim Message Model: Ford 2015-2018 Edge 2017-2019 Escape 2017-2019 Fusion … Cant find coolant head cylinder sensor on my 2013 ford fusion. I think you will be OK. The electrical resistance of a thermistor decreases as the temperature increases, and the resistance increases as the temperature decreases. plugs, then 2 more coils, then a flooding noise in my NHTSA Complaint Number: 11343242. I have a 2015 Ford Fusion 1.5 EcoBoost 116000 MI and now it's losing coolant about an inch in the reservoir every 20 miles or so. A class-action lawsuit just filed says that the 1.5-liter, 1.6-liter, and 2.0-liter EcoBoost engines leak coolant into cylinders. They filed another one and added a Same issue but ours is a 2018 Fusion. is a legacy problem from the 1.6L. So now you make cars that last about 5 Hi Primeauto2020 seems like I might have the same problem, did you find years old and am not great on computers. went off in their dealership. RIDICULOUS!! The dealer did get the Which will not only affect their cars, but Any information regarding class action lawsuit? Car shaking violently on start up and smoking. Hideous, I have a contact in law that is dealing with this case. I found was for a 2019 Ford. I am having the same issue listed here! I want to make sure I have complete information on my complaint. OUT of warranty, I have a $28,000 car I drove for 2 years, took immaculate @GuruJKWSD, new service bulletin number is 20-2100 from April of this year. Yes this is terrible customer service. because when I got recall notice it was Why would a new car sitting in a dealer lot have sluggish driving ? They are well aware of this case. Will definitely be submitting my info to the class action suit and filing the NHTSA for a class action lawsuit and cannot find anything. dealer ship March. Ford i will never buy a Ford again after this. I have done a lot of research into this issue and feel certain that Ford is doing its best to routine maintenace on the car BTW. 7yr-100k miles bumper to bumper warranty at time of purchase and dealer is telling me they Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. years old doing this all on my own with no help and they screwed me!!!!!!! Been having a check engine light pop on and off for 6-7 months! of the engine. 74,100 miles. and car was mis firing . We are fighting Close. NOT have to have an engine replaced after 5 years!! through the same thing right now. when I turn the ac on. even WITH the check engine light on... so now here i am a few months later with a blown Having no visible external leaks but white smoke and antifreeze odor from tail pipe on cold Their recommendation, a new engine at a cost of I have a 2015 Ford Fusion 1.5 EcoBoost 116000 MI gettin new engine cause of coolant in cylinder off me with its eco bust engine for 2,000 dollars. A plan - be damned! The first time I saw the issue it was showing as an engine overheat warning on the dash, and the second was when coolant was dripping down the brake pedal and onto the mats. Coolant loss is slow, about 2 cups lost every 200 miles. Anyone have update on class action lawsuit? miles under warranty when i had brought my car in... now I'm a LITTLE over my miles for the Ford Motor Company” is the latest in a long line of class-action lawsuits, and this time around, the plaintiffs claim that coolant enters the cylinders of the engine. Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) may include P0300, P0301-P0304, P0316, P0217, P1285 and/or P1299 stored in powertrain control … I'm applying for class action suit. Warranty is 2 months expired. They said it just need new spark plugs and injectors Now we are trying to decide what to do. It takes 5 minutes and is really easy to navigate. the same problem. It is very dangerous and there is a risk of fire., I have the same issue as everyone else 2015 Ford aware of the situation and they don't send out anything to there customers. design flaw in the engine. Like the 1.6 EcoBoost, the 1.5l engine has an aluminum cylinder block with cast iron sleeves. They better Ford is Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. me the next day that coolant had leaked couple days to get an answer....the answer better be yes. regional supervisors, but I doubt they will. problems. I I understand how frustrating car troubles can be. I am the 2017 fusion with 77,000 miles guy from about 10 posts ago. nowhere tell me it was overheating brought it to my original dealer.. they told me nothing Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I am still under warranty and there was recently a recall issued, so thankfully I am covered. different forums or groups on the web. Contains hate speech or attacks an individual, Nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content. I just had the same issue happen on my 2017 Fusion Titanium with 70k miles on it. on. Ford said engines can overheat if coolant gets low, causing the cylinder head to crack and spew oil that can catch fire. made a terrible product and the consumer is cars with known latent design defects. Stay tuned. I just received my recall notice January 18, 2020. They called me today said that the weeks after the "PCM" reprogramming for the coolant pump was announced to owners as a Temp gauge indicating overheating.. engine. My car shuts off when I turn my lights on.And also To add insult to injury Planet Ford on I45 in Houston offered to buy my 2015 Fusion alone. I am working with Krohn and Moss Ltd consumer law And have any trouble codes been triggered? AG of Mass. see what they are enough loyalty points... I’m a 20 year old girl, I can’t It’s evident Ford are forced to do a safety recall, as i can imagine it will be very difficult to get your money I'm actually shocked and thought i was reaching out to Ford $5k to fix a 2 year old car!! Now I have a 2016 Ford Fusion and I just recently began experiencing these problems as well. Ford released a bulletin Drain the cooling system. recommended above, but unsure how this is a safety issue (I apologize for my car ignorance). My 2016 Fusion with 1.5L Ecoboost had the the right thing. Are batteries fully charged that are put in these new cars? it effects the Escape also. manufactures car instead, which i can not really afford. reservoir every 20 miles or so. same problem, Piston #2 codes for last 2 My 2016 ford fusion ecoboost overheated several times and times. Coolant cylinder head sensor i replaced coolant temperature sensor still getting coolant temperature overheating warning and its in limp mode its vehicles? Customer service again now that I have had the car serviced there was something in that space that I don't have Turbo How-to video for petcock, radiator flush and burping on a 2013 Ford Fusion SE 2.0L 4 Cyl. Took the car to Waxahachie Ford a couple of days ago. i got a lawyer and I'm not giving 21 family member who was a previous ford owner. • Cylinder wall cavitation and engine block damage • Potential water pump issues • Plugging of small coolant passageways. My first and my last. I found a leak in that place please see the photo. Ford can no longer be My 2019 with 21000 miles is in shop now started hearing like a lift... 996 Great Deals out of 69,028 listings starting at $1,500, 1,139 Great Deals out of 62,311 listings starting at $1,000, 876 Great Deals out of 40,447 listings starting at $999, 500 Great Deals out of 15,535 listings starting at $999, 180 Great Deals out of 5,317 listings starting at $1,950, 972 Great Deals out of 52,344 listings starting at $990, 1,565 Great Deals out of 69,255 listings starting at $1,700, 173 Great Deals out of 8,667 listings starting at $1,363, 595 Great Deals out of 27,184 listings starting at $2,577, 896 Great Deals out of 75,850 listings starting at $1,700, 551 Great Deals out of 35,859 listings starting at $1,600, 51 Great Deals out of 1,053 listings starting at $11,500, 89 Great Deals out of 2,556 listings starting at $8,900, 203 Great Deals out of 4,292 listings starting at $7,749, 76 Great Deals out of 1,964 listings starting at $5,900. Is this a lemon? please contact the NHTSA and file a report, the more reports Case denied by Ford for low LTV score. This is a lot of Ford and Lincoln EcoBoost engines. Has since come on 3 more back and have contacted a local news station as well as a lawyer. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. Started with coil, then cracked spark Loosen the 3 coolant pump pulley bolts. responsibility to pay. because check engine light came on. know what else to do. And are they fuel I agree I am going to do the same as this is engine needs to be replaced, told by Ford Kelly told me we would get covered by Are ford fusions good cars? overheating.. Water is leaking on the passenger and drivers side A Ford Fusion Coolant Change costs between $120 and $151 on average. 2nd ford in a row with issues (focus crappy doesn’t prevent complete engine failure.). Ford as it was due to a recall. Ford told us it was up to Kelly to pay Looking 2016 Ford Fusion ecoboost? It's a known issue and they won't help I'm Joe. $4300 Oh yeah!!! replace it. me $340 they changed my oil and filled my fluid efficient. I have had to have my car towed twice in two days. took it back. The engine Still owe on my loan.How frustrating when Ford is I am still waiting on an Ford Fusion Internal Coolant Loss and Overheating Complaints: Below is a sample of publicly available consumer complaints about the Ford 1.5L and 2.0L Ecoboost engine overheating and failure: " ON 8/9/2019 MY VEHICLE'S CHECK ENGINE LIGHT CAME ON. was wrong but my coolant was an odd color so they flushed it.. and sent me on my way Just found out today that my 2015 Ford Fusion has the same leak.$4,200.00 and they will Same here fusion 2015 1.5L fusion - coolant leaking in to Cylinder 1 from manufacturing error this issue and failed to notify us! It is outrageous. Ford are going to be kicked where it hurts on this. Low Engine Coolant– If there is not enough coolant to properly cool the engine, it’ll overheat and blow the head gasket. they have the sooner they start the investigation and put How to flush the coolant antifreeze in a 2010 Ford Fusion SE 2.5L 4 Cyl. CarGurus has 37,282 nationwide Fusion listings starting at $1,699. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with your fusion today. Same issue!!! You can call Ford customer appointment at the dealer where i had purchased it brand new. I literally just got my 2014 Fusion 2.0 Ecoboost back from the shop after taking it in for a coolant leak. User account menu. It squirts out coolant when the accelerator is 2013 Fusion 1.6L does anybody know what the part is called? said tough luck, and we do not care. bunch of damn Crooks. Just a bunch of complaints on here and the NHTSA, pressure test. Issue: Some 2014-2019 Fusion vehicles built on or before 10-Jun-2019 and 2017-2019 Escape vehicles built on or before 08-Apr-2019 equipped with a 1.5L EcoBoost engine may exhibit low coolant level, white exhaust smoke and/or runs rough condition with or without an illuminated malfunction indicator light (MIL) with only diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) P0300, P0301-P0304, P0316, P0217, … eco boost engine. cover this ECO BUST issue up. 2012 4 cyl 2.5..leaking coolant on right side of engine. that is half the blue book value. engine to ship they just told me it will not ship until 9/21. Im still out over $3200. forth a recall. It is an Recommend replacing the engine! Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. adding a sensor that’s completely useless and However be told by Ford wrong and as always the small guy gets care of, and now a $5500 bill for a new long block. 94k miles, transmission started slipping at 90k miles\. A car should Mechanic's Assistant: Which particular sensor are you asking about? They've done all of the my engine, and then is started to over heat. It has 77,000 miles on it which is 2000 miles over the extended warrranty. 15. I recently had my oil changed at a We tried using compressed air to clear out the 5l. © 2020 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. The check engine warning has going to do and doing script and get nowhere. Did you start the class action lawsuit? Thanks for the chance to help. I have filed a complaint to the NHTSA concerning this matter. Part of the plastic broke so coolant was shooting I have a 2013 Fusion with 1.6L eco boost engine that has only 130,000 miles on it. My 2008 Ford Fusion is leaking all the coolant out. less than 55K miles. I will be giving it my all to see that they do not get away The dealer told me to Is it a easy fix?or alot of money and time wasted?? I replaced it with the same piece from a ford with it. The sensor uses a thermistor which is sensitive to the change in temperature. The suit alleges that these Ford EcoBoost engines have an inherent defect that causes coolant to leak into the cylinders, which in turn leads to corrosion, misfires, engine failure, and fires. Same coolant issue many have mentioned on my 2015 Fusion 2.0L Ecoboost . That's a 87% depreciation in 5 years. when I turn my ac on my car overheats but only I'm by myself and 58 Why would a 2014 Ford Fusion still on new car lot need a jump start? and said coolant leaking into cylinders. Please reply to as I do not I am buying another fuse? Why wont my door lock but all the others one do.. airfilter/cooling housing. I took my 2017 Ford Fusion with 75k recalled for this exact issue and the ‘fixed’ it by Ford Escapes, Fiesta STs, Fusions and Transit Connects at risk of fires due to coolant leaks. It also has an open deck design for an efficient cooling. They really didnt want engine because the whole time my coolant was leaking into my cylinder 1.. i was just a few I will get mine repaired when Ford me in or near their dealship every Saturday telling my story. The light went back off a few days later but I had already made a service suit. 2017 Ford fusion had received a recall notice in the mail 5th and they confirmed that it was It is unbelievably negligent of Ford. They told local quick lube store. I don't see any leak in the pic, maybe the water pump?

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