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Honey isn’t much different, but it has a gold cast to it. For murky water, I like to stick with darker colors like black, blue, junebug as well as gaudy ones like chartreuse, bubblegum, etc. We checked the Color Selector and it … (I personally fish a merthiolate-colored or Pearl white floating worm a lot.) Fish will typically look for their preferred prey, relying on their own recognition of body shape/type and color while feeding. So that is exactly what I will do now. Does this dismiss the fact that you have success in your favorite pond with a black, blue, purple, orange and red flake worm? The best colors to use for bass in the spring are ghost patterns, chartreuse, white, brown, black & blue, and red depending on the water clarity and light penetration and bass forage. The only way to keep lure color selection simple would be to stop right here and not talk about day vs. night fishing or overcast vs. sunny days. Translucent ghost colors work great on sunny days in clear water but go for solid colors in cloudy conditions. Catching bass on artificial lures is usually not by chance. These baits are going to work more effectively when you're fishing those cleaner water situations in low light situations. Lures for Fishing in Clear Water: Tip: Use natural, light colored lures for clear water or sunny days. I just found a digital version on Bass Pro Shops website which I think earlier posts referred to. ADD SPACE QUICK LINKS UB Home Main Forum Welcome Dock Talk Techniques Rods and Reels Tackle Box Catch of the Day UB Contests Tips and Ideas Sponsor Connection Fishing Reports Charter Members Only Most bait fish, and forage blend in with there surroundings. These colors won’t look too out of place like a darker black. … Also, clear colors to match baitfish and green pumpkin or watermel… It is a standard color for soft plastic lizards, finesse worms, and other worms. Increase your odds of catching a big one by using one of our recommendations. Good clear water colors are green pumpkin, baby bass, ayu, bluegill colors, and watermelon. If you’re fishing in the sea you might go for a crankbait with a blue body and a white bottom. Back To : Don't get so wrapped up in color selection. While searching I remembered a dreary day on Lake Conroe many years ago when we were fishing with Rattle Traps, and not catching. LURE SELECTION By DON WIRTH / Senior Writer Illustrations by CHRIS ARMSTRONG If you re just getting into bass fishing, you may find yourself confused and intimidated by the sheer number of lures available today. 3. These colors will really stand out against the backdrop and even in limited visibility water, bass will find them. Bass Fishing Techniques, Presentations and Lures > Topic: color selector . If you are bass fishing using green pumpkin or watermelon colored baits will imitate the crawfish, perch and sunfish species in the system. What You Need to Know About Lure Colors for Largemouth Bass Fishing The “rules” to quickly and easily select a lure for successful fishing Which lure color to use for largemouth bass fishing is a subject that everyone has an opinion on and if you ask a group of people, more than likely, all of them will have a different take on lure colors. Fishing Lure Selector Picking the right color fishing lures can be all the difference between a good and bad day of fishing. But you don t need a huge selection of baits to catch bass, and you certainly don t … Clear Water - Colors natural to the earth, such as browns, white, greens, pumpkin, watermelon. Maximize your bites in clear water with a green, watermelon, and or a lighter brown. Colors galore. It’s your job to mimic their prey. COLOR SELECTION. Just like green, … The spring is one of the best times of the year to be bass fishing, but having the right color of lure or bait tied on can play a big role in your fishing success. The infinite colors available in bass fishing all serve a purpose … catching fish and the consumer. Alternatively, when fishing in clear water use vivid colors that may cause a reaction strike or tweak a bass's curiosity. Brown Jr.). ... Bass Fishing Gear; Click here to post comments. Blue fishing line is another great choice to go with in terms of the braided variety. Dark water equals dark colors: For plastics, color selection is closely linked to the water conditions. For instance, I have a separate set of colors for murky water than I do for clear water. White, bubble gum, yellow, pink and merthiolate are colors that are often used to induce reactive strikes. This color of braided fishing line is often used in muddy water, which helps to conceal it from fish, but also helps you see it easier. Water Clarity Water clarity is one of the most important factors that can influence bait color for bass fishing. Hi David, The simplest way to put it is in clear conditions you want to go as natural looking as possible. Expert jerkbait angler Randy Blaukat simplifies the process by narrowing jerkbait colors down to three basic and broad categories. This means choosing natural colors that imitate the baitfish in the water. Author Toni Posted on March 22, 2016 January 19, 2018 Tags color selection , easy color selection , lure color , lure color selection , simple lure color selection Murky, Cloudy Water - Fluorescent colors, such as super bright pinks, aqua, yellow or … Stick to colors such as green pumpkin, watermelon and root beer in clear water and change to a june-bug or black/blue combination in stained or dirty water. Stained Water: (Visibility between 3 – 6 feet) In this initial study, bass were trained with the help of food rewards to approach different colored targets, including red, yellow, green, blue, black and others. Green Pumpkin; Green pumpkin is another all-around color that works in any color water. David Dudley is one of the winningest bass tournament anglers of all time, with over $4m in earnings, 9 pro level wins and 3 FLW AOY titles. One of these is which color or shade of a particular lure will be most effective under prevailing conditions. When in doubt, we go to black. Fly Selection: How to Choose the Right Streamer Color for Any Fishing Situation ... Jorge, owner of, has been fly fishing for bass, trout, pike, and carp since he was a child in Spain. Natural colors of browns and greens should be your color of choice if your lake has crawfish, bream, bluegill, or perch fish. In fact, an assortment of variables must be considered in selecting the right lure. Somewhat remarkably, biological research into largemouth bass color vision extends all the way back to 1937 (“Responses of the largemouth black bass to color,” by F.A. However, there are certain factors that should play a role in your color selection process such as water conditions, time of year, bass … by "The Bass Coach" (Roger Lee Brown) How many of you anglers who walk into Tackle Shops, Discount Stores, K-Marts, Wal-Marts, etc., go straight to the sporting goods department, look for the fishing rods sticking up in the air to zero in on the Fishing Lures and Plastic Baits section? Lures look awesome at the store in the nice packaging, but when you start fishing them and haven't had much luck, you blame your lure choice, and your confidence begins to sink. Blue Braided Line. Color Selection For Bass. In my experience the best smallmouth bass fishing colors are: brown, green pumpkin, black, white, chartreuse and yellow. First, determine the type of water you’re fishing. Swap them around until you find what they like. … by David (Los Angeles, CA) I would like to know what colors to throw on sunny days and cloudy days and colors to throw in clear, stained, and muddy water. Stained, Dark Water - Bright colors, such as chartreuse, bright orange or vivid reds. Choosing the right jerkbait color when bass fishing can be confusing given the huge variety of color patterns and actual baitfish they're designed to represent -- case in point, the Megabass jerkbait product line has over 100 colors! Bass will instantly swim in from a long distance away to attack your lure, but if your bait is not the right size, color and sometimes shape, they won’t attack. The best color for cloudy or overcast day bass fishing would be a more solid color like black, gray, white, or chartreuse. Cream pie is a creamy shad color with a bronze looking back. One of the trickiest things to do when you first start out fishing, or even if you've been fishing for a long time, is to pick a lure color that you think will be eagerly snatched up by hungry bass. Water Clarity: In clear water, I look to closely imitate the forage which calls for natural colors like variations or white, silver, gray. Now that you have a sense of water clarity, let’s look at how that information can be applied to color selection. Lake bottoms typically match the color of the forage. And Lone Ranger has a chartreuse belly and a greenish-gray back. Black works well in all colors and clarity of water, and it closely mimics the color of some favorite bass foods such as leeches. May 25, 2017 - fishing lure color selection chart - Google Search So what colors do smallmouth bass like? As the water starts to clean up a little bit, when there's low light conditions, I'm going to choose whiter colors, so whiter colors, colors with more white on the sides. In this bass fishing seminar, David shares his approach to simple color selection, and notes the handful of exceptions. By Ron Kurucz.

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