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5 Useful Retirement Calculators (2019) – How Much Do You Need to Retire? EQ Bank Review – Canada’s Best Online Savings Account? But behind the haggling and the anxiety and the dramatic theater of the salesman going to talk to the manager, how does this process really work? “But here’s the beauty of this system,” Michael said, “these numbers aren’t coming from you — you’re still the good guy. (@ million dollar journey) […], […] my thanks to Million Dollar Journey and their entry Confessions of a Car Salesman () which discusses negotiating techniques used by used car salesman. Took maybe 1.5 hours at most. Nice Post! I could write an entire blog post on the process but for now I’ll have to settle for one of my ‘tricks’. Trainee Shepherd has always been my favourite. Obviously the article worked to some extent because I got the best price that I’d been offered and left feeling good about the sale (who knows if it’s actually a good deal), 1. car sales 7 Confessions Of A Car Salesman: Kia. Congrats on having the courage to get yourself a better deal! Enjoy and save money. We have a very differnt mantality than most car dealers. and will talk more about that in later posts. “Then, you just say, ‘$300… up to?’ And they’ll say, ‘Well, $350.’ Now they’ve just bumped themselves $50 a month. Last week it decided it will drive no further without repair and broke down on my drive to work. The Focus replaced the Escort. 4.5.07 5:46 PM EDT By Meg Marco @meghann. Wal Mart cant sell merchandise for less than what they have in it. New Car Showroom . That a "Confessions of a Car Salesman" discussion is listed in Smart Shoppers 4 years after it was written, during a economic downturn, is... let's say curious. Number 5 we sell cars between $2000 & $5000. Telly, still got the old roll up windows hey? 11 Confessions of a Car Dealer. This is called the “up to” technique/trick. […], I always pretend I have to ask the wife’s opinion…we never walk into the dealership together….and of course…Then I came back and say the wife has to be convinced..I’ll be in touch…strategy always works….no pressure.. When you agree to be a “monthly payment buyer” several variables are introduced that are harder to keep track of: the term of the loan can be extended up to 72 months (six years!) May 4th, 2009. The article is called “Confessions of a Car Salesman” and it’s a report of how an reporter went undercover and found a job as a car salesman. FT: Yes, I will check in again to let you know how things worked out. I started off ok with the negotiation but by the end, we added a couple of features (which I wanted) and I have to admit I kind of got confused (she was good) and wasn’t sure which way I was going by the end of it. No fuss, no hassle, no nonsense, no face-to-face dealing and stupid mind games. Scotiabank Review – Canada’s Best Elite Chequing & Banking, Top Free Cash Back Credit Cards in Canada, Top Premium Cash Back Credit Cards in Canada, Top Premium Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fee, Top No Fee Rewards Credit Cards in Canada, Paying Property Tax and Utilities with a Credit Card, Tangerine’s No-Fee Cash-back MasterCard – The New Cash Back King, Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card Review. Most people are just self-selecting, they already come in with a car in mind. It’s not in the 2007 list either. Number two we have very low overhead, less than $1000 a month. One anonymous car salesman lifted the veil and gave us a taste of what … Thanks for sharing it. Never give the customer even numbers. From my commission check it was clear that the minivan couple could have made a better deal and saved several thousand dollars. Published in March 19, 2019 . If the minivan was selling for a sticker price of about $24,000 with options and tax, a 60-month loan at 9 percent interest would be $475 a month. I’m hoping not to be in the market for a new car anytime soon but I am starting to get the itch for automatic windows. What really goes on in the back rooms of car dealerships across America? Anonymous. Back-end money was made on interest, holdbacks and other elements of the deal.). Arrange for outside financing and pick your car by surfing the web or by grabbing an info guide from a dealer. Of all the professions that entail hawking products, those who sell cars have earned a particularly poor reputation for deceiving customers with slick tricks and tactics. Confessions of a car salesman. Tue., Aug. 16, 2011 timer 4 min. I started the Alliance Insurance Center. Fair trade value is usually the closest we can get. May 31, 2011, 5:43 PM. 2006 Vehicles With Most Recalls but you can’t win them all. FT is the founder and editor of Million Dollar Journey (est. Confessions of a Car Salesman — All About Hyundais, The Financial Blogger | November Monthly Top Ten, money news blog » The Friday Gathering for 12/07/2007, Best of Million Dollar Journey: Nov 2007 | Million Dollar Journey, » Blog Archive » Weekend Elite Money Links, Friday Elite Money Links, December 14th 2007 - Stock Trading To Go, money news blog » Friday Elite Money Links, December 14th 2007, Carnival of Personal Finance » Carnival of Personal Finance #131, Confessions of a New Car Buyer - Getting the Best Price | Million Dollar Journey, Carnivals and Another Camera Giveaway | Million Dollar Journey, Personal Finance Blogosphere Best of 2007 | Moolanomy, Thicken My Wallet » Blog Archive » Things you should always buy on sale, Making Your Car-Buying Trip Easier and More Productive, Wholesale » Blog Archive » Comment on Confessions of a Car Salesman by Shane, 25 Ways I Save Money | Million Dollar Journey, New Car every 10 years or Used Car every 5? Most salespeople get paid on the profit from markup. These were the questions we, the editors at, wanted to answer for our readers. On the fax/e-mail you put your car, your options, your contact info, your offer price and a line indicating that you have sent this to several other dealers and that your money is available on a “first-come, first-served” basis. | Million Dollar Journey, Weekly Roundup - Free iPod Edition | Cash Money Life. 2006 GMC Savana 3 Confessions of a car salesman Let me start by saying that not all motor vehicle dealers are rip-off merchants. So where did they go wrong? At any time I could have accepted their offer or at any time they could accept my offer without giving me the opportunity to back out at the last minute. (0) Comments; Confessions of a car salesman. “The salesman runs back and forth between the customer and the sales manager delivering offers and counter offers, trying to close a deal. […], […] Million Dollar Journey: Confessions of a Car Salesman. Confessions of a Car Salesman. A lot of people are still stuck in the 80’s and 90’s and think that Toyota & Honda have much better quality & reliability than the domestic automakers, but that’s a thing of the past. Note that this likely will not get you the best possible price, but it will get you price you’re asking for (and can likely afford).

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