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Add to Cart. Louisville Vegan Jerky. I make a large batch of them at least once or twice a week. Subscribe for My Free Vegan Staples eBook! amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Vegan jerky is simple to make with Butler Soy Curls. Let sit for about a minute before stirring them again. King of Veggie Jerky. This Texas-based brand is changing the jerky game for good. Kings Veggie Jerky - Black Bean Sauce Flavour - is 100% vegan and perfect for vegans or vegetarians who need delicious protein on the go! The UK's best non-spammy Newsletter! Put all the ingredients except the water and soy curls into a bowl. ©2017 - All rights reserved. Perfect for hiking and backpacking too! I specialise in the production of healthy snacks, treats and sauces made from only natural vegan ingredients such as sweet potato, tofu, wild mushrooms, coconut. Pro Tip:  They will continue to dehydrate slightly once you take them out of the oven while they are cooling, so take them out when they are still a little softer than you want your final product to be. Spray the top side lightly with olive oil again, and bake for another 15 minutes. Suzies Vegan Jerky uses cookies. My kids love them in their school lunch! amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Premium marinated and seasoned Sweet BBQ vegan jerky. I specialise in the production of healthy snacks, treats and sauces made from only natural vegan ingredients such as sweet potato, tofu, wild mushrooms, coconut. Once they cool, I store them in a sealed jar or put them in snack sized bags, so they are ready to grab and go snacks. Kings' vegan jerky is known for its high protein content Credit: Ocado. Click here to see the back of the pack. Here are 8 recipes that showcase all … Primal Strips- Best tasting, best textured, meatless jerky at the lowest single … Then pour in the soy curls into the marinade and give it a stir. Or, can we just say, it is always an ideal time for this food. When I first started using Butler Soy Curls, I knew that there had to be a way to make them into jerky. Inspired by international travels, we decided to create a new range of Smoked Vegan Jerky with a multicultural twist.We invite you to celebrate our world in a variety of its vibrant flavours, including Japanese Katsu Curry, American Bacon, Hungarian Paprika and Chilli and Argentinian Smoke & Salt. Don’t forget to bring along a bag on your next camping or backpacking trip too! When re-hydrated, they have the texture of meat. Why Unisoy? 0mg Grams of Cholesterol. Flip the strips over. View More When re-hydrated, they have the texture of meat. Vegan jerky is a perfect snack after a workout, for a camping trip or as a high protein meal. A truly royal pleasure... high in natural energy; long shelf life; only 1.8g fat per 25g pack; 100% vegan With Travel restrictions in place bring the taste of the world to you! Bake for 35 minutes. The steps for how to make vegan jerky: Start by soaking 8 oz of the soy curls (the whole 8 oz bag, or about 4 dry cups if you’re using a bulk package) in a large bowl of water for 5-10 minutes. Kellogg’s employee Amy Shouldice pitched the idea of creating vegan jerky to the company, which agreed to support her efforts to work with a team of friends to develop the new product. Qwrkee Jerky The best alternative to meat jerky. Our premium craft snacks are all natural, high protein, low sugar, low salt and packed full of flavour. 80 Calories. All you need to prepare it is a few ingredients and a good-quality dehydrator. Kings' plant-based vegan jerkies are a popular choice which contain 100% plant protein, with over 20% protein per pack. Allow the soy curls to soak up the flavor for about 5 minutes -giving them a stir every minute or 2 making sure they have soaked up as much marinade as possible. All you need is a dehydrator and a few ingredients—and you’re on your way. • Buy Kings Vegan Friendly Black Bean Sauce Flavour Veggie Jerky (Box of 16) for £26.15 at Amazon UK [Per pack] Protein: 5.5 grams | Fat: 1.75 grams | Sugar: 5.5 grams For more detailed information about these cookies please see our privacy policy. First off, thank you for checking out our first vegan product review – a vegan jerky review! Arrange in a single layer on a baking sheet, and spray the top side lightly with olive oil. After all, jerky is meant to be big, chewy, gnarly slices of dehydrated meat, full of umami and protein.

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