how many jars of spaghetti sauce for 200

However, it's not just the taste that attracts people to this brand, it's the jar. Once the sauce is reduced, ladle into the jars, leaving 1/2 inch headspace. Sauce Jars SKS carries wide mouth round clear glass jars which could be perfect for packaging sauces or other food products. For American Italian dining, figure 4 ounces of sauce per person (assuming you are doing spaghetti) 4 x 200= 800, divided by 64 is 12.5 Don't forget the grated cheese. You carefully plan out your garden for the year, specifically picking the best spot for your heirlooms, cherry and beefsteaks. Donna 200 cups should do it....if you don't think that would be enough, try about 230 cups. ground beef for a fantastic vegetarian recipe!